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Our Story

There was a time when I found myself working 3 jobs at a time and 14 plus hour days. 

​I’ll be 100% honest with you, by saying that when I finally did walk into my front door the last thing on my mind was to walk the dog.  I knew he had needs and really only wanted some affection and play time from me.  As guilty as I felt at times I will admit that the couch and the remote won more than their fair share of battles back then.

Then there was my personal boarding experience.  I was delighted to discover that my veterinarian boarded dogs.  What a convenient place for him to stay and you couldn’t argue with the cheap rates! That’s until I realized the hard way that you get what you pay for.  My dog was kennelled.  He was allowed to come out and eat and to go for his daily walk, but other than that in his kennel he stayed.

When we opened Little Paws we had these 2 issues in mind.  Our guests get plenty of interaction and exercise throughout the day.  It seems like they turn into little energizer bunnies the moment they walk through our doors.  In fact almost all of my clients tell me that before they even get half way home their little one is asleep in the car.  What a great feeling knowing that when you get home you can BOTH find comfort with the couch and the remote!

As for kennelling, we pride ourselves on being a kennel free environment.  Why pay a daycare when you have a perfectly good kennel at home.  Our mission statement clearly states that we are a unique atmosphere in which the cold and industrial kennel feel is obsolete, and replaced with a warm safe happy environment.   Here, the dogs do not remain in cages, but are free to roam, investigate, socialize and nap all at their leisure.Some dogs react well to kennels and with your instruction we are happy to oblige by that. ​



So back to the original question of why do we do what we do? Well it all goes back to the saying of, “If you want something done right you better do it yourself!” ​

Little Paws Inn; a safe warm place for your most precious pets.  Their home away from home.