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Little Paws Inn is not Just for the Dogs and Cats...  We host over 1500 sq/ft of Extensive Amenities for Bunnies as well.  We have over 5 years experience Caring for your Bunny when life takes you away.



We Invite you to stop in and check out the accommodations we have to offer for our Hoppy Little clients.  We have Several conversion rooms that can accommodate a Single Rabbit or a whole family of Bunnies.

Rooms boasts plenty of Space and Natural sunlight. Each room is secure and fully stocked with all the items to keep Little Thumper entertained during their stay!



Depending on the breed of Rabbit, grooming can be as important as it is to any domesticated pet.

Little Paws Inn can accommodate any grooming needs your Rabbit may require.  Just give us a call at 780-757-2971 and we can discuss your needs and come up with plan that will suite.

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