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The following contains Important Information on Current Events along with our upcoming Events and Promotions

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Daycare Membership Drive

For a Limited Time

Our membership drive is currently underway, but it won't last long! Seize this opportunity to become a part of our community while you still can.

Membership Criteria:


At Little Paws Inn, we prioritize inclusivity and quality care for all of our furry friends. Here's how you can qualify for membership:

  1. Referred by an Existing Member: All breeds and sizes will be considered based on recommendations from an existing member in good standing. Referrals from our existing membership community carry a lot of weight.

  2. New to Our Community and not know an Existing Member? No Worries!: If your pup weighs 40 lbs or under (at maturity), you're eligible. Unfortunately, Little Paws Inn is at capacity for large breed dogs and must make size restrictions on new memberships at this time.

  3. Completed Basic Training?  Great! Graduates from a registered basic training program will be highly regarded.

  4. Puppy Social Program: Engage in our puppy social program for seamless integration into regular daycare/boarding services. We can watch your little one’s development along side you and offer support where needed.

  5. Pass holder: Upon a successful assessment period, a member in good standing will be asked to choose from one of our daycare packages. One that best suites their needs. All members will be required to have their pet enjoy a daycare session at least once a month. This is done to ensure their integration into our fur family is consistent and we can become aware of and notify of any behavioral changes.   


As previously stated, all dogs must undergo an assessment period to prioritize the pack safety and cohesion. All other criteria outlined on the Daycare page must also be met. Little Paws Inn retains the discretion to refuse membership if deemed necessary for the well-being of all pets and personnel at our facility.

Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of a vibrant, supportive community dedicated to your pet's happiness and well-being!

Please sign up for our Portal system. 

This process will make it much easier to book services, update your pet's information, and view past bookings.
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