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Please take the time to read the following Messages and Information

The following contains Important Information on Current Events along with our upcoming Events and Promotions

Additional Measures in place for the Safety of our

Pet Attendants and You


Please have our Phone number saved for a quick reference

When you arrive:

  • When you arrive, please contact us to let us know you are in the parking lot or at the front door.  Please do not enter the facility.  We will come collect your pet.

  • Should you need to get out of your vehicle to stretch your legs or let the little one out for a refresh break, Please be respectful of Social Distancing recommendations if other Owners are around.  Please wait for the Client ahead of you to clear before approaching the building.

  • Any items that need to accompany your pet during their stay will be sanitized upon entry to the facility, and once again before it is returned back to the owner.  All items are gently wiped with a non harmful solution of bleach and water (Dilution is in compliance with the World Health Organization recommendations).

  • All staff members undergo additional cleaning and sanitation protocol throughout the day.  For more information on these processes, please call us at 780-757-2971 and we will be happy to discuss this matter and address any concerns you may have.

End of the stay Pick Up:

  • When you arrive, please contact us to let us know you are in the parking lot.  We will bring your pet out.  Please be respectful of other Pet Owners and let the people ahead of you clear before approaching the building.

Taking Payment:

​We have many options for Contactless payments.  Please choose a form of payment from the list below and let us know...

  • Passes - For those of you with Daycare passes, it will be business as usual.  Each Stay and Play will be deducted from your account accordingly.  Reminder: Half days are anything 5 hours and under.

  • Payment by phone - Just call us at 780-757-2971 and we will take your credit card over the phone.  Little Paws Inn respects the privacy of our clients and do not keep credit cards on file unless previous permissions from you.

  • Make use of the following Payment Tool - The payment tool has been developed to securely gather your payment information for a Desired Service of your choice.  First, you must contact Little Paws Inn to generate an invoice for a Desired Service.  We will email you the invoice to the email address provided on the Contact form.  You will need to input the invoice number into the Payment tool to help Identify you as the owner of the payment source.

                Click here to give it a try:

  • E-transfer - If e-transfer is your desired payment choice, please identify your pet in the message section and use the Password: Littlepaws

  • Mobile Interac Device.  Little Paws Inn has a mobile payment device that we can bring right out to you.  This device gets sanitized before and after each use for your added protection.  WARNING: Tap feature will only work for purchases under $100 dollars.

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Messages Relating to the Current COVID-19 Situation



Our Commitment to You


Today we find ourselves dealing with an unprecedented situation.  The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has been a dynamic and intense one for all of us these past few weeks.  As we take it all in and try to cope with the suggestions of social distancing and self isolation etc., we must interpret all information from all fronts to make a wise decision on how best to deal with the situation in relation to what is best for our familiesLittle Paws Inn would like to maintain our commitment to be your best choice for the care of your family pet.

Open for business

Although this pandemic is a fluid situation and changes daily, Little Paws Inn will remain open at this time and will be at your service to aid in maintaining a level of normality in your life.  We understand that the added stresses of isolating and social distancing along with the unexpected schooling situation one can find the family home a little bit smaller these days.  Don’t let an over rambunctious pet add to the household stresses.  Bring the little one down for a day of play.  It will provide you with a sense of relief that little ‘Rex’ can get some much needed exercise as well take one family member out of the equation for a few hours when some space is needed for clear thought and planning.

Supporting our People

At Little Paws Inn, our most valued asset is our staff.  Without these top notch personnel we don’t have the foundation that our customers have become dependent on.  Taking the advice of the local health authority and fulfilling their requests for reducing the spread of COVID-19 should be priority and a responsibility.  That being said, we feel that the recommendations can be achieved in conjunction with providing a level of service for the care of your furry little ones.  We have implemented strategies for the protection of our staff and for greatly reducing the chances of passing on the virus. These practices meet and exceed the current health authority recommendations, while still providing you with a much needed service.

Call and Ask

Just call us at 780-757-2971.  We will provide you with information on how we will handle your pet and more importantly how we handle the transition and transfer of care.  We can meet in the parking lot, take payment over the phone, provide private room care, etc.  Just call and ask how we can be of service to make these unique times more manageable.  And if there is something more we can do to increase your comfort level, please let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate.

Thank you all - To You... our valued extended family for allowing us to proudly serve you in the past, present, and while we move forward and get through this unique situation.  Keep Well!




Little Paws Inn


Message from PIJAC, our Certifying Partner on COVID-19:



Sent from PIJAC Canada on April 7, 2020


COVID-19 and Pets


There are many stories in the media about the possibility of passing COVD-19 on to some pets. As you are an important community resource for pets, we recommend the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) COVID-19 Question and Answer page and refer to the sections on Transmission of COVID-19 between animals and humans. Within this section is also a link to the OIE (World Animal Health Organization) which is updated as new information becomes available.


Both organizations are stating that there is no evidence that pets play a role in transmitting the disease to humans. Concluding the CFIA statement they go on to say, “ Pets contribute to our overall happiness and well-being, especially in times of stress. If you are feeling well (no symptoms of COVID-19) and are not self-isolating because of COVID-19 illness, taking walks with your dog and/or spending other time with your pet can contribute to keeping both you and your pet healthy”


We will continue to watch and share updates as they become available. 


Please Click here for additional information


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