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1-29 Nights:                $23.50 /Night

30 Nights and up:      $20.00 /Night

2nd Cat:                      20% Off         
Peak Season Rates apply (Additional $3.00 per night on each pet)
Click Here to view Peak season Schedule

All New Client Cat Boarding Reservations must be secured by a $200 preauthorization on a major credit card.

If no major credit card is available, Cat Boarding will require a $200 deposit.
Standard Room


Sometimes we find that we have to do things that disrupt the household peace (such things like Renos, moving, etc).  These things can be stressful to your Feline friend.

Let us provide your cat with a quiet peaceful place for a few hours when things are in disarray.
Cat Day Care             $ 23.50 / day
         2nd Cat             $ 20.00 / day 



     Bath and Nails         

Short hair             $ 50 - $ 60
   Long Hair             $ 60 and up

Lions Cut             $ 80.00    

Brush Outs:

10 min                      $ 15.00
30 min                      $ 35.00
60 min                      $ 60.00

Prices subject to change due to Temperament of your Cat

Cat Grooming Pricing
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