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Little Paws Inn daycare is offered to all dogs who are well mannered and even to some who are still learning, this also includes puppies. At Little Paws Inn we make sure our little guests get a solid balance of exercise, safe group play, and an afternoon nap. We always have 24 hour supervision ensuring that at no time are your pups left alone.

Dog daycare is great for dogs to learn how to play and interact with each other. We teach them agility games and let them have cool swims in the summer. No longer will they stay at home bored and lonely.


Once you arrive to pick up your little one, we'd bet the farm that they will be sleeping before you reach home.

Little Paws Inn reserves the right to refuse service to any dogs not suitable to our facility OR if they express excessive behavioral issues (excessive barking, unprovoked aggression, etc).


Such behaviors can develop over time therefore Little Paws Inn also reserves the right to ask to have problematic dogs removed from our Daycare services until such a time that the owner has made attempts to correct problematic behaviors.

All dogs will be required to be spayed or neutered once their age reaches 7 months

Daycare Registration
New to Little Paws Inn?

Please click on the DAYCARE MEMBERSHIP button below for further information on New Membership criteria.
Need to print a Manual Form?
Please scroll down to "What to Bring" to print form
Existing LPI family members, Please sign up for our Portal system. 

This process will make it much easier to book services, update your pets information and to view past booking.


A day of Daycare includes hours of Socializing and Structure. Our Daycare dogs have the option of 4 different play areas depending on their Temperament and Energy level.  As well as 2 full sized yards to play in or to relieve themselves.


We offer a variety of complimentary services for our Daycare dogs:


  • Body Checks.  During a stay at Little Paws, each pet will receive a full body palpation. Anything out of the normal will be reported for the Guardian to further investigate.

  • Medication Administration.  Little Paws Inn does not charge extra for administering your pet's medications. We require detailed instructions left by the Guardian and we assure the regular Dosages will be Administered.

  • Feedings (Food supplied by the owner) and instruction as per the Owner's direction.

  • Sanitized Feeding Dishes. Should an optional lunch be provided, you can rest assured your pet will be dinning First Class.

  • Ample supply of Sanitized Cots.  After hours of Play our Daycare dogs can relax on Clean well maintained dog cots. Our bedding is cleaned daily.

  • Fresh water supplied at all times. Our staff prides themselves on maintaining fresh water levels at all times.

  • All the cuddles they can handle. Our staff will be loving your pets as much as you do! 


We invite you to contact our Concierge Service for a detailed listing.


  • The Required Documents if not already completed online in advance.

  • Copies of Vaccination Vet Forms​. Vaccines must include up to date Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough). Flea, Tick and Lice treatments are highly recommended. Dogs not vaccinated for medical reasons must be accompanied by a Veterinarian's letter.

  • Leash.

  • Collar with ID tags (Quick release collars are Mandatory). One can be provided on a temporary basis.

  • Lunch (Optional) 


REQUIRED DOCUMENTS - Please fill out and submit the registration form (At the top of this page) before arrival.  Or print and fill out the manual forms found below.  Please ensure completed  forms accompany you upon arrival.


We offer Casual Check in and Check outs for our Daycare guests.  We only ask that you check in before 11:00 and and check out within the time frame that our Front Desk is open.

We can accommodate Check in/outs outside normal Operating Hours (upon 24 hour notice) at a fee of $20.00 per pet for additional Staffing Requirements.

FULL DAY                $ 31.50
HALF DAY                $ 21.00
Half day is defined as 5 hours or less

Added Value Packages (Full Day):

5 Day Pack               $ 155.00
10 Day Pack             $ 285.00
(5 and 10 day packs must be used within 6 months from purchase)

20 Day Pack             $ 545.00
30 Day Pack             $ 745.00
(20 & 30 day packs must be used within 12 months from purchase)    

 Added Value Packages (Half Day)
10 Half Day              $ 175.00
20 Half Day              $ 325.00
Peak Season (Christmas, Statutory Long Weekends)

During Peak Season an additional charge of $3.00 per day for each pet.
Click Here for Peak Season Schedule
*All Prices are subject to GST
*Prices subject to change

Daycare Pricing
Manual Forms
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